Install the server-side SDK

For the next few steps, you'll work on the backend integration with Cord. These steps will require you to execute code on a server you control. Your server will communicate with Cord's backend as well as your application's frontend.

Select Your Server-Side Language: NodeJS, Go, Java, or vanilla REST #

Cord offers server-side libraries for many popular languages. If your backend is built with a framework other than these, you can still use all of Cord's APIs via vanilla REST calls.

Use the toggle buttons here to select which language you would like this guide to see backend code examples in:

Anywhere in Cord's documentation that you see code snippets, they will be displayed (when possible) in the format you've selected for backend code.

Install the Cord SDK on the Backend #

Run the command below in your terminal

npm install @cord-sdk/server
go get
implementation "com.cord:server:0.0.+"
(Nothing to do here for vanilla REST implementations)
npm install @cord-sdk/server

Currently, our backend SDK only helps with generating auth tokens. If your server-side language isn't listed here, see our guide on authentication to learn how to do auth token generation from scratch.

Generate a JWT for your user #

In the next step, you'll generate an auth token for your user →

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