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Cord can send notification emails to users. Learn more about when Cord sends an email, how to toggle this feature, and how you can customize them

When does Cord send an email? #

In addition to in app notifications and Slack notifications, Cord might send an email to users to inform them about new messages.
This can happen when:
  • The user is at-mentioned in a message.
  • There's a new reply to a thread the user has participated in or manually subscribed to.

The email will be sent from, but you can customize this in the Cord console.

There are some scenarios in which the email will not be sent:
  • The user has disabled email notifications. This can be done via the UI in some of our deprecated components, from the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of an email, or via an API call (both client side or server side). When users click the "unsubscribe" link from an email, they will never receive another email related to that thread.
  • The user has seen the message in a Cord component. Rather than sending the email immediately (like we do for in app notifications), we wait for forty seconds. After that time has elapsed, we check to see if the user has already seen the message the email is about. If that's the case, we don't send an email.
  • The user doesn't have an email. When creating a Cord user, specifying an email is optional. We advise you specify one, so they can receive emails.

To make it easier to follow the notifications, Cord emails are grouped by thread. This means that all activity that happens in a specific thread will be grouped together in email clients like GMail.

How can you customize the email? #

Refer to customizing emails

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