What is a valid ID

In many places, Cord SDK expects some form of an ID. Examples include:

  • When managing users and groups using Cord's REST API
  • When specifying a threadID within the <Thread /> component

Most strings are usable as an ID. In particular, a valid ID is a string that:

  • has at least 1 character
  • has no more than 320 Unicode characters
  • does not have any characters from Unicode's "Other" category (control characters, private use characters and unassigned code points)
  • does not start with cord: (that prefix is reserved for Cord's internal use)

Examples #

Some examples of valid IDs are:

  • UUIDs (e.g. aeb2797f-f0a3-485c-a317-4986e2c8343b)
  • Email addresses (e.g. sam.vimes@amcw.gov.dw)
  • JSON-stringified objects (e.g. '{"page":"/dashboard","section":"Revenue"}')
  • Numbers that you convert to strings (e.g. "186282")

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